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MK College

Developing and Strengthening Leadership and Management Capability

  • We are building a Leadership and Management Development Programme, The Red-Thread Partnership supported the rollout and implementation of World Class Manager online modules to fit with our plans.
  • Unable to meet face to face we love the energetic, enthusiastic and fun delivery of the launch workshop during lockdown and on Zoom!
  • We have appreciated the flexibility that The Red Thread Partnership have provided in ensuring the World Class modules fit with our own planned delivery or our Leadership and Management Development Programme.
  • We also appreciate the ongoing support and contact to ensure our programme stretches and challenges our 2 cohorts of 24 colleagues.
  • That is 24 engaged, enthusiastic people exploring their leadership and management knowledge and skills.

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Develop leaders

Met Office

Decision making skills for senior leaders

  • Bespoke programme design
  • Wide range of experiential activities combined
  • Includes reflection, debate and real world application
  • Consistent highly positive participant feedback
  • Tangible evidence of workplace application
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Astra Zeneca

IT function culture change

  • Global inquiry identifying key cultural issues
  • Detailed output including 3 year culture change
  • Implementation process
Develop leaders

University of Northampton

In-house Fellowship programme

  • In-house presentation of our award winning Fellowship programme
  • Run in tandem with the University’s Changemaker initiative
  • Yearlong leadership programme built around volunteering in the community
  • Delivers real business and community impact
Develop leaders

Leading speciality chemicals company

Creation of a suite of bespoke blended soft skills development modules

  • Bespoke content focussed on rapid integration of new graduate/post graduate entrants
  • Content focussed on personal effectiveness, leading projects and delivering value
  • Mixed media content including video, animations, self-paced workbooks and virtual workshops
  • Sits on business’s LMS
Develop leaders


Leadership development at all levels

  • Top team coaching and development
  • Leadership and management skills workshops
  • 1:1 coaching
Develop leaders


Growing talent to lead in a digital and changing world

Re-design and delivery of a frontier leadership style next generation leadership programme for the global top talent; and for the global talent feeder pool.

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Cultural transformation to integrate three divisions

  • Cross-functional focus groups, staff survey and 1:1s to assess current culture
  • Whole organisation values engagement and development workshops
  • Launched and crafted engagement strategy
  • Significant observable values based behavioural change
  • Started bi-annual engagement strategy
Develop leaders

Coin Street

Organisation-wide management and leadership development

  • Bespoke modules
  • Half-day experiential master-classes on Inspiring Leaders, Employee Engagement, Being a Great Manager and Empowerment
  • Pre-work included personality profiling
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Ashridge Group

Transformation from a security guarding business to a people led facilities management provider

  • Reviewed purpose and business model
  • Established a people first culture, with full reward and recognition strategy
  • Ongoing board coaching
  • Ongoing managerial skills development through World Class SME coaching
Develop leaders

St George

Driving change, by driving leadership skills

  • Delivered a series of skills development workshops: Difficult performance and conflict, Prioritisation and decision making, Motivating and delegating
  • Created and delivered core leadership programme
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Kerry Foods

Transforming the finance function

  • Identified purpose and values
  • Created ambition on a page
  • Communications and engagement strategy
  • Became highest engaged function globally with highly successful succession and promotion
  • Catalysed widespread cultural change and inspired a new business narrative
Grow great teams


'Raise the Bar' programme - creating a high performing distributed team to meet the challenges of the future

  • Coached through real projects to solve ongoing challenges
  • Drove individual and team change using MBTI psychometrics
  • Ongoing managerial skills development through World Class SME coaching
Grow great teams

Dairy Crest

Increasing the pace of performance and change

  • Development of cross-functional senior team
  • Drove individual and team change through multiple feedback sources (insights, upward feedback)
  • Re-framed understanding of current challenges and business narrative
  • Changed team dynamics and wider ways of working
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London Ambulance Service

Creating alignment in People and Organisation Development function

  • Delivered whole function engagement event identifying key challenges in delivering the current strategy
  • Developed ability to influence without hierarchical power
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Transforming systems, processes and culture to drive efficiency

  • Developed vision and specific personal commitments
  • Rolled out internal communications and engagement plan
  • Increased collaboration, drove change and raised soared morale
Develop leaders

Kerry Foods

Creating impactful and influential leaders

  • High impact experiential workshops
  • Driving real business impact through ‘real play’
  • Changed the commercial narrative in the business
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Connecting employees to a new vision and raising engagement

  • Engaged with all key stakeholder groups including customers
  • Ran two whole organisation engagement events to surface and address key issues identified by stakeholder groups
Develop leaders


Delivering award winning leadership development

  • Designed and delivered an integrated four tiered leadership development strategy
  • Developed internal delivery capability
  • Output projects adopted by Board and functional directors
  • Impact and quality recognised by Chartered Management Institute, British Quality Foundation and City & Guilds, where it won a Princess Award
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Acorn Care and Education

Delivering insight to transform business

  • Conducted an employee engagement survey across all 1,200 employees and provided detailed segmented analysis highlighting key issues for the Board
  • Set out and agreed a transformation strategy
Grow great teams

Kerry Foods

Developing highly powerful and effective senior functional teams

  • Building trust in ICT, Finance, R&D, Marketing and the SMT
  • Drove individual and team change through multiple feedback sources (360, MBTI, upward feedback, Frontier Leadership assessment)
  • Agreeing genuine shared ways of working
  • Ongoing business coaching
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Navigating future strategy

  • Delivered a highly imaginative and engaging whole organisation event
  • Identified key behaviours to address uncertainty, the new competitive landscape and improve agility
  • Gained everyone’s commitment to the new ways of working
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Robert Horne Group

Becoming an expert in a new sector

  • Discovery to understand morale, levels of engagement and perception by key customers
  • Developed and coached senior leadership team through strategic review and in developing strategy on a page
  • Drove engagement and alignment with new strategy
  • Grew skills of key employees across the business
  • Division delivered global goals in a declining market
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Birmingham City University

Re-energising marketing

  • Delivered a highly creative, experiential event driving communication, planning and teamwork with a newly reorganised function
  • Resulted in a highly engaged and motivated function
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Lohman Technologies (UK) ltd

Re-engineering engineering

  • Delivered a series of focus groups to explore the findings of an employee engagement survey
  • Employees picked up and drove key areas for improvement
  • Developed senior leadership team to deliver the desired change
  • Substantial business improvements seen as a result
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Making culture fashionable

  • Conducted discovery to understand what a good culture would look like in Head Office
  • Created a comms and engagement strategy delivering key tactical and strategic activities
  • Business created a new role to pick up and drive the change
Develop leaders


Coaching new leaders

Providing coaching to new leaders stepping up into new roles.

Develop leaders

AFL Hyperscale

Helping fibre go global

  • Designed and delivered an innovative yearlong leadership development programme for the top talent
  • Delivered a series of key projects over the course of the programme
  • Participants stepping into key global roles
Develop leaders

Sheffield University

Leading leadership in the higher education sector

  • Designed and delivered some of the Sheffield Leader programme
  • Programme acknowledged in the sector as a ground breaking programme
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