To maximise the impact of any development intervention we follow a structured proven methodology that ensures you get the results you are looking for.

7 steps

Step 1 - Discovery

We spend time with you exploring the context of the participants, understanding your culture and purpose and the challenges you as an organisation are facing. We also familiarise ourselves with any existing learning you run, to ensure we build on content wherever possible.  It is our belief that leaders frequently have the knowledge they need, but have not yet chosen to start using that knowledge and behaving differently.  We would prefer to challenge them to use what they already know, rather than just providing them with more information.

From this discovery process we will be able to agree with you the best development strategy as well as how you will measure success.

Step 2 - Design

We work with you to co-design the solution.  This could include pre-work, self-paced learning, workshops and project briefs – anything that is required to make the solution we agreed work.  We typically do this through a half, or full-day co-design workshop attended by ourselves and representatives from the L&D function, project sponsor and some participants to create the detailed outline. We then take that design and work up the final materials for your sign-off.

If you require it, this will also include designing brands and artwork for any intervention.

Step 3 - Deliver

Delivery can involve many things.  We will support the delivery process through all the stages that you require – from organisational engagement, through to specific communications and delivery of programmes, through to post-event follow up.

Where we are delivering face-to-face events we will work with you to select the best possible delivery teams, including members of internal delivery teams and/or senior managers if this is appropriate.

Whatever the process, we will provide you with the project management and support needed to maximise the impact of the solution.

Step 4 and 5 - Deploy and Drive

Delivery is not always enough to ensure a successful change or transition.  Behaviours frequently return to old patterns and habits if there are not constant reminders or changes in systems and process that anchor the early behavioural changes.

We help support behavioural and transformational change by deploying coaching support, for example; and drive application of learning in the workplace through a wide range of activities such as action learning sets, process reviews, after-action reviews and/or systems changes.

Step 6 - Document

Success breeds success.  It is important therefore that you capture stories that demonstrate the impact that the changes you have driven are having on the business. We work with you to put in place ways of capturing those stories and disseminating them across the organisation.

Step 7 - Data

Thoughtfully captured and appropriate data can be the energy to drive the learning and development process.  Now more than ever, leaders are faced with a sea of data which they need to make sense of.  Working with our data partners – Event Technologies – we can put in place appropriate data capture methods and processes to ensure that your development interventions are targeting the right people in the right way; and so you can see the difference they are making.