The Red Thread Partnership

We get out of bed every morning to make a difference to the organisations we work with and the people who work within these businesses. We have a passion for improvement, change, engagement, culture – but most of all we have a passion for enabling people to be the best they can be – young or old!

We think “being the best you can be” means organisations should not only invest in and develop their people, but also help support and improve the communities in which they and their families live – that’s why we created The Red Thread Fellowship programme.

Over the years we have worked with many organisations to try and make a difference by creating engagement programmes that instil deep values inside businesses, but also have an impact on local projects through the activities participants do. Such community based activities are a great learning opportunity and also emphasise the link between high performance and social impact.

The award-winning Fellowship is the spirit of our brand and was the first step towards our vision to create a better world through great and inspiring leadership. So who are we? Well we are a combination of great people who share some great values.


‘It’s not complicated – it’s just hard’.  Change in any guise is challenging, it takes courage to step out of your comfort zone, to move away from what has always been into the new, it takes energy and commitment, belief and resilience – we will go beyond what is necessary and find what is great. We will be there to support you on your journey towards your vision/goals and targets, whether it is a culture change, becoming a Frontier leader, developing a highly successful team, challenging team dynamics, being more inclusive and caring, we work with you every step of the way.


We love having conversations, to get to really know you, your team and your organisation, what drives you, your history and your future goals and vision.  We don’t deliver ‘off the shelf’, we are curious to understand your personal challenges as an organistaion, team dynamics, stakeholder relationships so that we can co-create the programme that will help you achieve your vision. We deliver effective and efficient solutions. Solutions that provide real value and help you do what you do best – better. This means using the best person, method, model or tool we can find for your personal circumstances.


We do this because it’s our life and it’s who we are, it’s what gets us up in the morning, what excites us.  We are passionate about you, your team, your organisation being the very best it can be, our passion and energy are what drive us to help leaders deal with their big issues by building human organisations.


We are open-hearted with our time and ideas. We’ll engage and work with you, share our thinking, listen to yours and create what is best for you, your team and your organisation. We make ourselves available to have conversations with you and your people throughout our time with you. We co-create change and development programmes with you that flex as needs require with reflection and analysis woven in to ensure the best outcomes for you and your organisation. We will always be honest.


Emotionally intelligent we think carefully about what we do to ensure our clients are treated as individuals with individual challenges. We are considerate in our dealings with you and your colleagues, recognising that that sometimes development can be uncomfortable and personally challenging and therefore needs to be done with care and compassion, sometimes tough love, but always working towards the desired outcome.

We believe in building human organisations led by authentic leaders, leaders who are immersed in the communities they work in to build more caring and inclusive cultures and communities.

Our Fellowship programme aims to build more caring and inclusive communities as leaders connect with and work with local charities supporting their future sustainability.