When do we fall?

My Croatian cycling adventure continued…. Day 3

3rd gear, comfortable pace, enjoying the scenery, euphoric in achieving success getting to the top of the mountain and now making the decent -life was good – then BANG –  I fell off my bike (and I have the whopping bruise to prove it).  Dazed, but still alive, there was no option but to get back on the bike and regain confidence.  It is like this as a leader, sometimes we fall and have to get back up, dust ourselves off, regain confidence and momentum – this is the time where you may need support.  In my situation I hadn’t really paid much attention to the change in environment (I was feeling too excited about becoming a cyclist), too much gravel, grease from nearby industry, objects on the path – the context had blurred into the background. As Frontier Leaders, this is the time we return to our purpose, revisit the goals and values, re-evaluate the environment, re-allocate resources if necessary. It is a never-ending cycle (excuse the pun) but managed well can keep motivation and performance high.