The Great Resignation

‘The Great Resignation’ – fact or fiction?

There is much in the media at the moment about this topic, yet are organisations actually finding that employees are leaving on mass? If so, what is driving this? We were intrigued to find out if the great resignation was just media hype or if it was having real impact on businesses.

On Tuesday 8th February a panel of experts representing HR/universities/recruitment/culture change/ mental health and wellbeing and leadership development met to discuss the topic. The debate was interesting and no definitive answers arose although there seems to be a greater emphasis on organisations supporting mental wellness and employees recognising this as a top priority for them to stay in a role – this may be a big culture change for some organisations starting with the leaders at the top.

We asked the following questions:

  • How have employee’s expectations changed, what is now important for staying in a role? (referencing their current position or roles they are seeking – benefits, culture, pay, flexibility etc.)
  • Why now? What is driving the tipping point for the ‘great resignation’?
  • Are younger generations now setting the standards for the workplace?
  • Have the increasing or changing demands in leadership responsibilities left some senior leaders feeling unable to fulfil their role? (such as obligations to improving sustainability/ offering hybrid working models for example)
  • With so much focus internally on improving staff retention, are we in danger of forgetting to ask what our customers/clients need and want from us?”