The cross-generational divide and challenging your assumptions as a leader Dec 2018

I don’t know if you saw this BBC News article but it caught our eye.  Not because of the idea of giving £10k to 25 years olds, but because of the phrase ‘…that contract between the generations has not been maintained.  “That contract has broken down….”

Now we’re not going to argue about the pros and cons of the solutions proposed, but we are going question some of the assumptions.  The report is assuming that everyone wants the lifestyle that the generation before them did; that the way society has worked will be how it should work in the future.  But to our mind the issues it raises are the start of that wider societal change we refer to in our book – The 7 Steps to Frontier Leadership. With five generations now at work, there is an increasingly diverse expectation across any workforce and customer base.  Add to that huge changes in technology and anything goes.  So what does that mean for today’s leaders?  Well we do set out some of the ways in which leaders can behave and act in our book, but most crucially its by starting to challenge their assumptions about the way things are going to be.  Just because it’s what happens now, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen tomorrow. To keep you business going through that level of change you need to be a Frontier Leader.