September 2021

We have all returned from our summer breaks refreshed and revitalized.  In this hybrid world of working in the office and at home, it is more important than ever to give ourselves breaks to recharge the mind and replenish energy.  Research has shown that home workers don’t take the coffee and lunch breaks they would when in an office, in part due to family life being around home workers, guilt factor that taking a break will be ‘found out’, believing that we don’t deserve a break. There is psychological safety in an office when we see others taking a coffee or lunch break and validation that it is ok for us to do the same.  To be most productive, we must allow ourselves productive breaks – time away from the screen, time to switch off, time to move – factor in 2 x 15-minute coffee breaks and up to an hour lunch in any 8.5-hour day.

Interestingly, we here at The Red Thread Partnership have found that being back in the office part time has had the same effect – we realised last week that we are not taking breaks either, somehow working part time in the office has led us to think that we have to put in a weeks’ worth of hours whilst in the office despite also working full days when working from home.  So, we have now bought a coffee machine and actively take coffee breaks and walk at lunchtimes – we have really noticed greater productivity and less mental fatigue.

September has been really exciting – we are now fully functional in our new office in iCentre in Newport Pagnell and have had our first face to face client meetings and team strategy meetings. Online meetings are great, but nothing quite beats face to face.  We have also been attending our first face to face network meetings again, the latest being Tim Lee’s Collaborate MK breakfast meeting last week.  It was an early start (6.30am) but so worth the 5.15am alarm call, a great group of business owners, fascinating talk from Willen Hospice and a delicious breakfast to set us up for the day.

September welcomed two new members of our team, Alistair Welham, Strategic Consultant, and Marie-Claire Parsons, Head of Fellowship.  Alistair has a passion for driving positive change and has spent his career in marketing using the power of communication to connect and change behaviours for the better. He is supporting us in setting and implementing our new strategy, being launched in October.  Marie-Claire has been in education for the last 29 years and in senior and executive leadership for the past 10.  We are delighted they have joined The Red Thread Partnership and are excited to be working with them both.

Our 3rd Oxford Fellowship programme will be launching in early 2022 after it’s delay in 2020.  We offer a yearlong ILM certified leadership development programme to middle leaders aspiring to senior leadership, our aim to build more inclusive and caring communities.  We would be delighted if you contacted us if you have someone in your leadership team that would like to join the next cohort – it is worth over £5,000.00 but is NO cost to you. Click here to find out why! The Red Thread Fellowship – The Red Thread Partnership (

Freddie and Adrian and Red Thread associates have been busy delivering and working with new and existing clients and it is so good to be back in the conference rooms energising people.  Freddie is travelling to Holland in October to deliver the long-awaited Nestle workshops and is excited to meet everyone face to face after all this time. 

Adrian will also be in Holland at the same time as Freddie, but to work with a new financial services client whom we are excited to be working with.  He also delivered an MBTI workshop for Genesis UK.

Freddie was delighted to join Paul de Lusignan, director of BBQ, at the CIPD People Management awards dinner as BBQ were a finalist in the category ‘Best People Initiative’ based on the case study of their work with The Red Thread Partnership on building a high performing team.  Freddie, Paul and the BBQ teams now enter phase 2 of the programme and have just been nominated as a finalist in the Engage Awards, the ceremony taking place in December.

Our associates continue their work with our clients: Maggie Newton will be working on the Oxford Fellowship Programme launching in early 2022, Simon Berry has been delivering at the RAF, Cathie Wright has been coaching at Suzuki Head office and Elizabeth Adlington will be starting working with Northampton Housing Partnership.

If that was September, we really look forward to October!