June 2021 – what a great month we had!

June 2021 was a fantastic month. We started our MK5 Fellowship programme, 12 enthusiastic young leaders joined us for the day to start their Fellowship journey. Building on the incredible amount of money already raised for local charities, MK5 will be creating fundraising activities for their chosen charities; Sparkles, Hazard Alley, Transitions UK, Autism Early support centres, Als Pals and The Bus Shelter. We are looking forward to getting to know them and working with them over the year.

Here at RTP we published two books last month! ‘Life Through a Lens’, in collaboration with Jane Russell, photographer, and Tim Lee, Collaborate MK, is a memory book of last year in MK, 100 photos taken by locals that epitomise the pandemic in Milton Keynes. Sales of the book have raised over £1000 for MKSnap, a charity close to our hearts supporting adults with disabilities in MK.

Our second book is 7 Steps to Frontier Leadership V2, building on our Frontier Leadership V1 it sets out 7 clear, simple steps to help any leader develop their leadership paying attention to the pandemic and post pandemic working.

Amongst the other work we have been doing with Arla, the Royal Navy and Infinium, we are immensely proud that our work with Suzuki’s BBQ division on our High Performing Teams programme was awarded a Gold award in the EXA business awards. We have worked with Suzuki’s BBQ division for the past 18 months who have worked tirelessly to transform their team from an uninspiring, disengaged place to work into an inspirational, highly engaged team – see our news article for more details.

If that was June – we are looking forward to July!