Frontier Leadership and our New Reality

Once again we find ourselves at a frontier – there’s been no shortage of them over the last few years!  Following the challenges to the way we work and the purpose of our organisations posed by the pandemic, we now find ourselves asking about the new reality for global trade and the future state of the political map of Europe following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

We are also being forced to look again at our own ethics and what we will and won’t walk past in the pursuit of profit. The UK’s stance on Saudi Arabia being one case in point, the lurking and growing threat of climate breakdown another. A new fiscal year is upon us and countless organisations and businesses up and down the country will be deciding how best to spend their budgets and whether the plans and strategies they had thought through at the start of the year, will now stand scrutiny in the face of the new realities created over the last few weeks.

What will happen next?
At The Red Thread Partnership we’re big fans of Abraham Lincoln’s view that the best way to predict the future is to create it.  That doesn’t mean signing up to join the frontline of a war, but it does mean making conscious choices about what you are doing as a leader. It doesn’t mean thinking you have no voice or influence in these situations, but finding better ways to make your voice heard.  And it doesn’t mean burying your head in the sand and thinking these are someone else’s issues, but to be a leader and make choices – that, after all, is what strategy is all about.
As leaders of our organisations, we all have a voice and an impact in the communities of which we are a part. It’s why we set up The Red Thread Fellowship five years ago, and are launching the frontier fellowship now, so that your leaders can not only increase the positive difference they make in your business, but also in the communities that your organisation and they, as people, are part of.
It’s why we look at Civic Leadership in our Fellowship. And its why we continually challenge frontier leaders to stop and look at what is happening in the wider environment, the assumptions you are making about your business and the habits you have got into, and to ask whether they still make sense.