From Forte to Fortissimo

For the last five years we’ve been making a big noise in and around Milton Keynes with our award-winning Fellowship programme. It provides life changing leadership development based around volunteering.

‘Building your leaders, while building your community.’

But it’s time for the noise to get louder so we’re proud to launch the ‘frontier fellowship’.

Using the same research verified volunteering led learning approach, we’ve added in insights from our recent book – The 7 Steps to Frontier Leadership.  Now you can send not one, but many leaders from your business, increasing the benefit to your organisation and the difference you can make in your communities AND with the option to develop third sector leaders at the same time.
So turn up the dial to ff

  • Develop leaders fit for the today’s rapidly changing business environment
  • Build the resilience and sustainability of your community to help it flourish
  • Grow your organisation and more caring and inclusive communities

Contact us now to ask about the frontier fellowship

And really make some noise.