At the Red Thread Partnership we immerse ourselves in your organisation, we delve deep to understand your teams’ structures, strengths and weaknesses.  We then work with those teams to develop individuals from outstanding individuals into great, effective team leaders who work smarter in pursuit of increases efficiency and effectiveness.

The Red Thread Partnership approach recognises that every organisation is different and have found methods to grow great teams where members may be in different time zones and/or working in different physical locations.

Our Growing Great Teams offers comprise three key solutions:

  • Team Development
  • Leadership Teams
  • Business Coaching

What I call teamship revolves around creating an environment so good that everyone wants to be a part of it and nobody ever wants to leave.

Sir Clive Woodward OBE. – England World Cup winning Rugby team coach and leadership guru

Team Development

The difference between a team that performs and one that truly exploits its potential is the inter-personal dynamic between the individual members.

The Red Thread Partnership uses a combination of open conversations and psychometric testing to foster greater mutual understanding, develop trust and build the foundations of more effective working relationships.

This creates the ‘performance catalyst’ in your teams where greater harmony and stronger communications deliver increased value.

I rarely come across anyone with the Freddie’s energy and enthusiasm. Along with the World Class Manager program he provided us with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in our roles. We started our journey as individuals and with Freddie’s exceptional expertise in leadership, coaching and motivation, we will leave as a high performing team.

Phillip Padgett, IT Operations Manager, Metamark UK

Leadership Team Development

A leadership team that fulfils its potential is a fusion of great leaders, high performance as a group and a shared ownership of the organisation’s ambitions and commitment to achieving its goals.

We take groups of leaders to the next stage in their development, creating a senior leadership team that is recognised by its followers for its impact, its role modelling of the culture and how it achieves for your business.

Key drivers in this process are:

  • Accepting collective accountability
  • Improving communication
  • Building trust
  • Recognising leadership qualities
  • Committing to higher performance

Red Thread have provided us with structure, insight and challenge every step of the way to ensure we have delivered a tangible set of actionable outputs, allowing us to communicate effectively to our teams what lies ahead for them as well. Personally, it makes you stop and think about your role as a leader, not just what you do but the importance of how you do it and the behavioural competencies we all need to embrace to succeed.

Business Coaching

Successful organisations fuse together and synergises the fundamental building blocks of the operation – its people, its ideas and its finances.

Red Thread Partnership Business Coaching supports you in doing this, by helping you:

  • Prioritise what is really important
  • Clarify how you are going to get there
  • Harmonise your culture, your goals and your strategy

In doing this we encourage you to identify and address those difficult or overlooked questions that will lead you to unlock the hidden potential in your business.

Prior to commencing the journey on The Red Thread Express, the meeting discussions would drift and end up focussing on very detailed points of a plan rather than looking at the bigger picture. The group was larger back then and it was also not uncommon for us to have interrupted the meeting outcome in different ways.