Are you at the forefront of your profession? Are you a Frontier Leader?

The Red Thread Partnership helps you frame the right questions to ask, and supports you in finding the answers you need to be a Frontier Leader.

If the pandemic has taught us nothing else it has taught us to be agile and that change can happen to us overnight. Yet we could have been prepared, we were overdue a pandemic, we could have predicted the future, in Abraham Lincoln’s words, ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’, as a leader you are one step ahead. Frontier Leaders create the future as fits their organisation, they don’t wait until the future happens because they know the future is always now. To be Frontier means ‘being prepared to step into the unknown rather than staying put in the comfort of what is known and understood. It can mean embracing change by pushing beyond the Frontier’ (The 7 Steps to Frontier Leadership V2).

As technology evolves ever more rapidly, as market places change to meet the demands of business cycles and the effects of geo-politics or climate change impact upon your organisation, no true leader can ever become complacent, nor any organisation stay unchanged.

Outside Influences - Inner Dynamics

In addition to these macro, external factors there are internal dynamics which affect your operating culture and employee engagement.

The Red Thread Frontier Leadership process examines these phenomena and challenges you to explore the opportunities they present and re-assess your beliefs and behaviours.  It delves deep into the characteristics which make great frontier leadership not just more understandable, but more attainable.

The 7 Steps

The unique Red Thread Frontier Leadership process takes you through 7 key steps and can be delivered through a variety of means.

Understanding your CONTEXT

Exploring your environment

Examining your BELIEFS

What assumptions may be driving your business

Analysing your BEHAVIOUR

Why do your people act as they do?

Choose your ROLE

What type of leadership role best suits your abilities personality and the needs of the business?

Curating your CULTURE

How do you shape and hold your culture to drive success?


How to release the extra potential of colleagues

Allocating RESOURCES

What is your optimum organisational structure and how can you devolve authority?

The Book

Co-authored by our directors, it examines and explores each of the 7 steps in detail.

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This short book covers a lot of territory and successfully blends theory with reality. It starts with an exploration of the reality of leadership in today's world and what this currently means for leadership, building to what it takes to become a Frontier leader … this book offers insights into today’s Leadership roles and adds to the debate on how one could create a real way of understanding leadership styles in action for the context we now live in.

Dr Fran Woodard MBA, DProf

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