Having successfully launched the programme in Milton Keynes in 2016 we didn’t want to just stop at one location! We’ve seen the impact the programme can have on individuals, businesses and communities and we wanted that effect to be as far reaching as possible.  We are currently running the programme in three locations and our ambition is to have a Fellowship running in every city by 2025!  If you’d like one in your city – please get in touch.

Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes was the birth place of The Red Thread Partnership.   With extensive local business knowledge and an acute awareness of the social and community based issues in the area, we started our efforts close to home.  Milton Keynes is a fast developing new city, but many of the underpasses are tragically a place that too many people call ‘home’.  We already had some great relationships with a number of local charities, and they were among the first to benefit from the Fellowship.

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Buckinghamshire, in the South East of England is known both for its beautiful Chiltern Hills and being the Entrepreneurial Heart of Britain, boasting the largest number of SMEs in the country. Part of the county is occupied by the London commuter belt but equally there is a thriving network of businesses across the county, with Silverstone in the North and Pinewood Studios in the South. Buckinghamshire is supported by an active charity sector and benefits greatly from the leadership of the Community Foundation, Heart of Bucks. Buckinghamshire is the perfect place to bring together businesses and charities to discover how much they can do together to make the County a thriving place to live and work.

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We had a relationship with a partner in Banbury and major customers around Oxford.  Oxford is an ethnically diverse city and charities have many challenges in supporting the community’s needs - not least the need for more social housing to keep up with the fast growth.  So given our contacts and the needs, we decided to make Oxfordshire our second Fellowship location.

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Another fast growing city, especially in the ‘tech’ arena. We decided to make this our third Fellowship city as there is a distinct population ‘divide’ between the rich and the poor  – sadly most of the poverty goes unseen and many charities are being stretched to provide support for those disadvantaged groups. It may surprise you to read that Cambridge has the biggest gap between rich and poor of any city in the UK.  In the face of this gulf – it was an easy decision to launch our Fellowship here.

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Like many market towns, Northampton’s retail heart is struggling and in March 2018 the County Council became insolvent and was abolished. As a result, there are areas of acute deprivation in and around the town and county.  To help, we will be delivering a bespoke Fellowship programme for the University of Northampton, in line with their focus on positive social change and inspiring and transforming lives; and the Fellowship’s goal of building inclusive and caring communities.

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Leicester sits at the heart of England and recently became well known for the discovery of the body of King Richard III, the last of the Plantagenet kings. Known also for being the most diverse city in the UK, Leicester boasts a variety of industries, featuring some of the largest and famous brands to very successful family owned companies. There is also a strong charity sector operating across not only the City but also the County. It makes for a great environment to bring business and charity together, for learning, support and opportunity.

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You are a business… who would like to deliver your CSR and leadership development strategies in one go at no cost.

You are an aspiring leader… with budget and people responsibility who would like a unique action learning experience which helps you to develop as a leader and impact a local charitable project.

You are a charity… headquartered in – or which delivers its services within 50 miles of a Red Thread Fellowship city and want to work with high energy leaders who can bring experience and expertise into your business. They will also fundraise for you for a year!

You can support or sponsor us?… Although the fellowship runs on the principle of reciprocity, it does cost us money to run it. So, if you have facilities you’d be prepared to offer us to run the Fellowship, in exchange for a place on the programme, or would like to sponsor the Fellowship, please get in touch!