How much will it cost me or my company?

We run a variety of cohorts as a not-for-profit company, cohorts for individuals from organisations, partnered cohorts with local organisations, and in house programmes for your organisation.   All we ask for is your time, energy and commitment over 7 day long workshops over a year and time to connect with your charity to raise at least £500 and work on a project to support their sustainability (Don’t worry, you will receive support with this!)

How much of my time will I have to commit?

Your commitment is to attend bi-monthly workshops (which equates to 7 days) spread over the year. You will also need to commit the equivalent of one hour a week (which could be done as two hours every fortnight, or four hours once a month) to support your chosen charity. Of course if you want to do more, we’re not going to stop you!

What’s in it for me?

There are many benefits of attending the programme… and we’ve highlighted the main ones here:

  • The chance to really help develop and grow a charity or charitable project, thus making a real difference in your local community.
  • The opportunity to meet and work with like-minded individuals from a variety of sectors and businesses
  • The chance to experience a unique and rare ‘action learning’ experience working with leaders from non-competitive organisations who will actively help you to succeed
  • Over the course of the year you will come to understand better your preferences as a leader and the impact you have on people
  • You will have great networking opportunities to grow your contacts and in some cases, find potential new business leads
  • A comprehensive programme workbook containing ideas and concepts to help you develop your leadership practices; as well as space to capture your reflections
  • Fulfilling formal professional CPD hours
  • Graduate from an ILM certified leadership development programme that will change your life bother professionally and personally

Is it for everyone?

This programme is suited to middle managers with people and budgetary responsibilities and who want to move into more senior leadership roles. However, we have taken on high-potential junior leaders as well as experienced senior leaders who wish to challenge their assumptions about how to lead and refresh their skills. We do select people for the Fellowship as places are limited using the above criteria, but if in doubt, please contact us.

What prompted The Red Thread Partnership to run this programme?

Our world seems ever more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – and this brings daunting challenges for leaders and can create fear and anxiety in communities. We believe the best way to respond to these challenges is to develop leaders who take an interest in the world around them, who invest in building their local communities, and who have the skills and aptitudes required to deliver sustained organisational success. We’ve always been involved with supporting charities and this was a way of bringing leaders and charities together to really make a difference! We also:

  • Recognise that good leadership development takes time and therefore needed a year long programme
  • Heard from charities that one day events weren’t always helpful or impactful and they would prefer more long term support
  • Wanted to create something that helped build inclusive and caring communities.

Does it really ‘make a difference’?

The simple answer is yes! In 2017, one of the charities saw an impact worth approximately £30,000. And the fellows are still engaged with them now, with one of them being appointed as a trustee.

How do I contact The Red Thread Partnership?

You can complete the contact form or give us a call on our ‘Contact Us’ page.