How much of my time will I have to commit?

When we created the Fellowship we listened carefully to a lot of charities about what would be helpful. Our intention is not to burden you or ask you to ‘invent’ projects for the Fellows. The Fellows are there to challenge and support you – to help you become more ‘sustainable’ for the future. It’s up to you and them to work out what ‘more sustainable’ means for you and how best you can work together to achieve that. We will ask you to prepare a short brief to help the Fellows decide if they want to support you. We will invite you to attend a presentation at the launch workshop (approx. 1 hour of your time) so the Fellows who have chosen to work with you can pitch their services to you, like any other pitch – you have the right to say no! Then all we ask is that you are open and work with the Fellows over the year in the way that suits you both best to achieve the goals you have both agreed to.

What’s in it for us?

You will get a year’s support, for free, from a number of professional individuals who can bring considerable experience and expertise into your organisation. Not only can they help with operational challenges, they are also tasked to raise at least £500 for your organisation.

Can any charity take part?

Yes! Providing you are a registered charity/voluntary organisation, provide services in the area where the Fellowship is being run and have genuine projects and challenges that you would like support with.

What prompted The Red Thread Partnership to run this programme?

Our world seems ever more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – and this brings daunting challenges for leaders and can create fear and anxiety in communities. We believe the best way to respond to these challenges is to develop compassionate leaders who take an interest in the world around them, who invest in building their local communities, and who have the skills and aptitudes required to deliver sustained organisational success. We’ve always been involved with supporting the voluntary sector and this was a way of bringing leaders and charities/voluntary orgnaisations together to really make a difference! We also:

  • Recognise that good leadership development takes time hence the year long action learning programme
  • Heard from charities that one day events weren’t always helpful or impactful and they would prefer more long term support
  • Wanted to create something that helped build inclusive and caring communities.

Does it really ‘make a difference’?

The simple answer is yes! In 2017, one of the charities saw an impact worth approximately £30,000. And the fellows are still engaged with them now, with one of them being appointed as a trustee.

What’s in it for The Red Thread?

Nothing – we just believe it’s important!

How do I contact The Red Thread Partnership?

You can complete out a contact form or give us a call on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Which Charities have been supported?