At the core of a successful organisation is a motivated and engaged workforce that lives and breathes the ambition, values and thrives in the workplace.

The Red Thread Partnership helps you to realise that true level of engagement where employees are listened to, respected, recognised for their development results and valued as integral to your high-performance culture.

There are three equally important Red Thread Partnership faculties which feature in our culture change organisation offer. These are

  • Employee Engagement
  • Culture Change
  • Internal Communications

Innovation happens when people are given the freedom to ask questions and the resources and power to find the answers

Sir Richard Branson

Employee Engagement

Firstly, we seek to understand how your colleagues feel about working in the business, before we move on to demonstrate how engaged, satisfied employees contribute to a vibrant, positive company culture.

We use a variety of methods to focus on the four key levers that drive employee engagement. These levers are…

  • Strategic Narrative
  • Engaged and aligned managers
  • Employee’s feel listened to and really heard
  • Leadership integrity

…and we will help and support you in identifying and deploying the necessary strategies and development options which will trigger and drive employee engagement that will underpin sustainable, above-the-median performance.

Freddie has worked with our European team on driving greater team engagement, delivering business transformation, and providing leadership mentoring and development. I have been very impressed with the work delivered, particularly Freddie's willingness to confront difficult issues, (in an effective way) and Freddie's absolute personal commitment to make a difference to the individuals, teams and businesses he works with. I am very happy to recommend his work.

Malcolm McKay, Sales & Marketing Director, Panasonic Avionics

Culture Change

Changing culture takes more than well-meaning mission statements, tag lines and posters on bulletin boards.

The Red Thread Partnership works alongside in-house teams and key employees to develop the leadership capability of your organisation, truly embed your values in their behaviour and align your systems and processes in pursuit of your vision.

Through dialogue and analysis, we can draw upon the talents of your team, to create and embed real values that your teams are committed to.  By also equipping them with the tools to develop your culture and developing their leadership capabilities, we go from blueprint to reality. In so doing, we future-proof your business with robust and adaptable values which will form the bedrock of an authentic company culture.

We needed to help move our leaders and culture to support a strategic move from a manufacturer to a true services-led business. Red Thread’s skill in linking leadership material together in a delegate friendly and progressive manner is exceptional. They will go the ‘extra mile’ to ensure the customer’s expectations are realised and more in a true partnership that will evolve and enable Red Thread to become an extension of your business.

Chris McLaughlin, Senior Learning Specialist, Ricoh

Internal Communications

How you communicate, the language you use, the tone-of-voice you prefer and the media you select make up your internal communications strategy. At the tactical level you need this to impact upon your employees, enhancing their understanding of the organisation.  At the strategic level its needs to align your colleagues behind you vision and values.

The Red Thread Partnership helps you to build the template and deliver the goods, using tested techniques such as:

  • Communications Audits
  • Experiential Events
  • Conferences

Delivered effectively, these will be powerful, impactful additions to your communications platform.

In particular, you will learn how to plan, manage and execute well-organised conferences and events which can be the perfect two-way communications medium.

"Freddie's insights of the importance and nuances of a unified and engaged workforce allowed us to create and execute a strong and inclusive communications plan. One which allows employees to understand where their work fits in with the organisational vision".

HR Director, Insurance services provider