The Red Thread Partnership challenges the thinking and behaviours of your current and future leaders to liberate their creativity, entrepreneurship and impact, allowing them to fully engage in shaping and delivering your organisation’s strategic narrative and ambitions.

Utilising and unleashing leadership potential from members of your team is arguably the most potent weapon in your campaign for performance – and the most cost-effective.

We immerse ourselves in your organisation to understand its deep-rooted culture and values and from this we create bespoke individual coachingmanagement skills and leadership development programmes that grow your colleagues meaning you get the most from your business and its people.

We work to align your culture with your strategy, your people to your goals and inspire your leaders to achieve.

Red Thread Partnership “Developing Individuals” interventions enable you to draw on more than 60 years of shared experience, collaborative working and research held by our leadership team.

Because we work with you, not for you, we will challenge your thinking to create solutions that suit your business needs. We understand that people communicate, develop and learn in different ways and as such we vary our delivery methods to include the use of multimedia, experiential learning, role play, coaching, action learning and more. Give us a call for further information.

Individual Coaching

The benefits of coaching have been widely reported, coaching impacts both personal and professional lives.

We will skilfully and professionally help you to develop a learning mindset to become more confident, contribute more and achieve your and your organisation’s goals. You will feel more motivated and reach your true potential making your learning a transformational experience.

Our coaching is delivered by a team of highly experienced individuals and incorporates several different methods chosen to best suit you, including action learning, psychometrics and 3600 degree feedback.

Looking for a coach or mentor for a group, team or department – then check out our Growing Great Teams page here.

Personally developed and refocused what my day-to-day role is about – more time-focussed on function/team/individual development – all contributing to having a bigger impact and effect on business performance.

Individual Management Skills Development

Regardless of your level in an organisation, your performance and progression could be hindered because you lack some key skills.  Your role goes far beyond the technical abilities of your position into areas of communication, people management and influencing.  Improving your management skills will make you feel more confident in your choices and decisions.

We have been running bespoke management development workshops for over 20 years and can assist in enhancing your skills in several areas including delegation, influencing, decision making and managing difficult conversations.

The course was extremely helpful. I will take a lot of key learnings back to my workplace that will help me in the future

Individual Leadership Development

Leadership challenges continually evolve and develop over time. The skills and capabilities you need as a leader do not magically appear with promotion or elevation in your career, but need to continually be developed, refined and challenged.

We explore your experiences, beliefs and behaviours and provide constructive feedback, challenges, ideas and experiences that allow you to develop an authentic leadership style that delivers results. We equip you with the tools and skills to make your leadership style not only adaptable and compassionate but also robust and courageous.

Every business has vast untapped leadership potential within its ranks. Developing individual leadership costs a fraction of what you’ll spend recruiting new talent; bonds those people to you and enables a paradigm culture shift without operational disruption

Freddie Guilmard, MD, The Red Thread Partnership